About OmNutra

Effective Natural Alternatives in Personal Care for a Better Quality of Life

We discovered early on that there are natural alternatives to many of the health issues that we have today. If one’s quality of life is lacking due to pain, sickness or other health conditions life is not as enjoyable.

Our goal is to continue develop natural personal care products for people that effectively improve one’s quality of life!

OmNutra – We Were Wrong

Before OmNutra we had always thought that supplements and skin care did not make much difference in health. WE WERE WRONG. They ABSOLUTELY DO MAKE AN INCREDIBLE DIFFERENCE. We discovered back in 2015 that what you put on your skin goes into your body and into your bloodstream. Essential oils and carrier oils (jojoba oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, etc.), shea butter, aloe vera can ALL improve your skin and overall external / internal well-being. Stay as natural, organic based as possible.

Our entire life we have grown up to take prescription and over-the-counter drugs, antibiotics, steroid creams, anti-histamines.

In some cases they may be necessary but many of these products are from synthetic chemical or unnatural sources that can cause side effects.

We realized that we could formulate essential oil / specific ingredient blends that actually helped people improve their specific conditions (minus the negative side effects of prescription drugs or OTC drugs).

This is what we do and what we will continue to do. Our products will only improve the quality of your life.

Placed Your Order? We’ll ship fast!

Once you’ve decided on a product you like we normally ship orders out within 24-48 hours (usually less than 24 hrs). When you receive your order make sure to test out the product on a small area before doing a full application.
Try it out for 30 days. We are sure that you’ll be satisfied with your order or your money back!